Ethiopia Bonga Forest

 7,90 28,90

Includes 7% VAT

 7,90 28,90

Includes 7% VAT


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dark roast

Suitable for espressos and strong filter coffees.

The dark roast is our longest roast with 17 to 19 minutes of roasting time. We roast the coffee almost out, that is, close to the “second crack”. Thus, we emphasize above all body, sweetness and roasted aromas. The acidity is reduced to a minimum.

Medium roast

Suitable for any type of preparation, especially for full-bodied filter coffees, but also for mild to medium-bodied espressos.

The medium roast is our “standard” roast. The coffees are roasted for about 14 to 16 minutes until just after “first crack”. This allows the special aromas of the coffees to come to the fore. They have a lot of sweetness, a slight fruitiness and rather implied roasted flavors.